Relay management / urgent replacement of an executive

Timeshare is an excellent solution for companies that need a skill they don’t have but don’t need to hire full-time. Thus, interim management allows the use of time-sharing!

Relay management / urgent replacement of a manager: MOMEN methodology

Any startup, scaleup, or growing SME has growing needs in Finance and HR. On the other hand, few have the budget to hire an experienced HR or CFO on a permanent basis. And when they have the budget, it’s also a problem of attractiveness because they don’t have the material to feed the profile with full-time subjects.

The result: a lot of hesitation, we say to ourselves that it is too early, we fumble and we pay outside firms a fortune for a subcontracted service that is not always up to standard.

temps partagé

Taking on a time-share CFO solves this dilemma and offers the company :

For example, a time-sharing HRD can intervene to define and follow the rules and the way of managing the personnel in order to :

Therefore, in the context of young and fast-growing companies, the time-sharing HRD is an excellent solution to set up an HR organization, to help define the processes, tools and methods, and then to train the teams on the spot to then manage themselves.

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Urgent replacement of an executive: the steps carried out by the MOMEN Manager


Transition Manager profiles within the firm MOMEN intervene for missions either full time for 6 to 12 months depending on the context, or part time for 1 to 3 days a week for a long term support.

intervention methodology
is the same each time: diagnosis of the existing situation, proposal of an action plan, implementation and transmission. These managers guarantee objectivity and adaptability because they cultivate these assets on a daily basis.

And what is the difference between a time-sharing intervention and a part-time Transition Manager intervention? None!

Moreover, the use of Managers from the MOMEN community guarantees that you will find the profile adapted to your context, because the pool is much larger than that of a timeshare company (ETTP) which pays its managers and always proposes the same ones. Our managers are either freelancers or self-employed, so they have more freedom.

They sometimes combine their part-time interim management mission (= time-sharing mission) with a few days of pure consulting (expertise) here and there, as well as a few courses distilled from the major schools and universities. They appreciate this plurality of interventions! MOMEN allows you to access these profiles.

Finally, MOMEN is strongly distinguished by the quality of its Managers on three key functions:

all the profiles of our managers
for other types of missions.

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