Become an interim manager with MOMEN

MOMEN was born from the association of a Director and a Director of a consulting firm / ESN in Paris.
They owe their success to their commercial skills in finding assignments, and their ability to recruit the right people, taking into account the wishes of all stakeholders.


Guarantee continuity of assignments for our interim managers

MOMEN offers its managers assignments through two channels:

Indeed, these two means allow managers to have many more opportunities for missions, and it also allows to be paid by other means than the mission itself.

Become an interim manager? CSR commitment at MOMEN

Before any proposal is made to our client, we provide as much information as possible on the context, the issues, the mission and the client, so that the manager has all the necessary elements. Also, he can correctly judge his motivation and his ability to take on the mission.

In addition, we offer our managers a flexible, clear, and transparent payment policy. Transparency on the daily rates and margins charged by the firm are also central to the scheme. We also provide specific support on request, on accounting or legal aspects.

We require our transition managers to sincerely adhere to our ethical charter. By joining our firm, managers join a community of committed individuals who share the same values.

Finally, in the event of a period without a mission, we organize and offer our directors the opportunity to work for free with associations for a few days. This allows them to put their expertise to work for these organizations.

Community building

MOMEN is not only a firm, it is a clear governance, and a commitment to transparency in exchanges.

Thus, MOMEN is the development of a community. The success is made on the one hand thanks to the commercial development of the firm and its capacity to find missions with the customers, but also and especially, thanks to the power of a welded group.

We wanted to develop a strong community: each interim manager helps and advises his peers. In this context, MOMEN enables the community to grow. Thus, within the MOMEN Club, we propose a strengthening of the cohesion. Management coaching, professional activities, networking and (real!) relaxation activities are on the agenda.

Our aim is to ensure that our interim managers have all the support they need. Indeed, they must have a dynamic professional environment, yes, but also serene.

At MOMEN, interim managers are often involved in the COMEX of companies, and take charge of the services linked to the most sensitive and complex subjects.

The advantages for the manager

The position of interim manager is growing exponentially each year because the advantages are numerous:

Constraints for the manager

The transition function is often recognized, valued and appreciated. It is very well paid because the interim management profession is demanding:

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