What is interim management?

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Where are the missions located?

  • Mostly in Ile-de-France (for more than 50%), then in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes 13%, then in the other French regions.

What are the advantages and constraints of Interim management for an interim manager?

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What are the levels of Interim management missions?

  • At MOMEN, the vast majority of our assignments are at the executive level, directly linked to the Executive Committee, and about a quarter are at the middle management level.

Where to find offers?

  • As the positions are very sensitive, strategic and close to the Executive Committee, recruitment is often confidential. We advise you to give as much information as possible to your MOMEN correspondents, on :
    • Your wishes
    • Your skills
    • Ideas for projects on which you could intervene

This will increase the chances that the firm will keep your profile in mind, and find an assignment that matches, on which you will be retained. The firm will send you offers as soon as it considers your profile for an assignment.

  • You can activate your personal network to find offers, then contact MOMEN so that we can accompany you to concretize the project with the customer
  • MOMEN has a business model that increases the chances of interim managers having continuous assignments

Are the offers distributed or are they made by direct approach?

  • Offers are made by direct approach

Interim management and teleworking?

  • It is quite possible: you can go through the selection process by video, and start, then carry out your mission always remotely

Can the Interim Manager be required to attend training courses during his assignment?

  • Yes, if deemed necessary by the client or the manager himself, the Manager can train. However, the mission is often a challenge in terms of time, and requires the maximum involvement of the Manager: if the duration of the training is important, we recommend carrying out the training during the periods without mission (if existing)

What mobility can be requested?

  • We can have a request anywhere in France (large, medium, or small town): in this case the mobility requested is from Monday to Friday (or less), with often the mobility and accommodation costs paid by the client.
  • Internationally, mobility can be the same or over the entire assignment period, depending on the location and context of the assignment.

For the mobility of the Interim managers, are the costs covered by the client company?

  • Yes, most of the time they are taken care of and are counted in addition to the billing of the mission.

First-time buyers, what is the right way to join your community?

  • Thank you for your interest! We invite you to submit your CVso we can access your file and make contact with you

Do you know how many Interim managers there are in France?

  • We think there are about 5,000 of them, the customer needs are constantly increasing.

If you have your own structure, can you offer an average daily rate ? In this case, who invoices the client company?

  • You invoice MOMEN, and MOMEN invoices the client company

What percentage of interim management assignments turn into permanent contracts?

  • In about 20% of the cases the manager is hired internally

Do MOMEN consultants conduct interviews like other firms?

  • Yes, that’s right. Our recruitment methodology is well defined, and we do exploratory interviews

Do you have any concrete examples of missions?

What is the average annual occupancy rate (in nb days per year) of an interim manager ?

  • The rate is very variable: you can bill full time for 3 years, as well as have periods of intermission. You can carry out an 18-month assignment, thus invoicing approximately 220 days in year N, and then the following year, for example, have an absence of assignment for 4 months, and thus invoice 160 days. Interim management is not a risky business if you organize your cash flow and income well.

Are the missions based on a commitment of means or results?

  • Most often they are committed to means. However, the moral commitment to do everything possible to address the client’s complex problem should not be ignored.

Do you have any maternity leave replacement assignments?

  • Yes, this can be one of the reasons why one of our customers requests a replacement

Is it possible to integrate a variable part (depending on results)?

  • Yes, this can be done on certain missions, in discussion with the client

How to apply to lead an interim management mission?

  • We invite you to submit your CV, so we can access your file and make contact with you

Can we carry out several missions at the same time? How to deal with exclusivity issues?

  • You can carry out several missions in parallel, if they do not require full time and if the agendas are compatible. With MOMEN, you sign a confidentiality agreement that obliges you to keep the client’s matters secret.
  • However, we do not recommend performing multiple assignments concurrently if there is a conflict of interest.

Do you have any other questions?

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