Relay management / urgent replacement of an executive

At MOMEN, managers can intervene for urgent replacements of senior executives. This may be due to a sudden unexpected departure, as part of a relay management.

Relay management / urgent replacement of a manager: MOMEN methodology

The MOMEN teams propose the immediate intervention of an interim manager, in order to avoid a crisis situation, as well as a drop in turnover and profitability, due to the absence of the director.

In this context, our managers are used to the context of replacement, human relations and communication codes to use in these situations.

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Within the framework of an urgent replacement of a manager, the selection of the manager by MOMEN is specific. In addition to the necessary technical and functional qualifications, it focuses on a :

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Urgent replacement of an executive: the steps carried out by the MOMEN Manager

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Under the control of our client, the MOMEN manager establishes an “arrival plan” in order to best deal with the teams, disturbed by the absence of their management.

Our interim manager takes stock of the situation; he identifies the points of dysfunction and draws up an action plan to deal with them.

It mobilizes teams, strengthens their commitment and gives them an immediate direction.

He manages the entire operational side of the business, and is the voice of the CEO or Board of Directors to the teams. It improves existing processes and seeks to develop the company’s performance.

If necessary, he recruits his successor, support the change and manages the handover.

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