The job of Transition Manager | Video interview with Philippe Renault- DG/DAF

Summarized written interview | The Transition Manager

What is an interim manager?

An interim manager is an experienced executive who brings his or her experience for a given period of time to a company facing an unusual challenge in its course and operation: solvency/profitability crisis, change management, change of scope or vacancy of a position.

The principle of the interim manager is that he is there temporarily. Therefore, a large part of its mission is to create its own irrelevance.

The interim manager does not necessarily come from the sector in which he or she will be working. It’s someone who can come from an outside sector and in some cases, that’s quite an asset. Because it gives you a fresh eye and it allows you to bring a different vision when you’re managing change, which is not useless.

It is someone who has significant professional experience, who is often oversized for the mission in order to be able to adapt to it and be effective as quickly as possible.

It is by definition someone who is able to understand and adapt quickly, to deliver quickly.

And more than that, beyond the professional experience, the practice and the business expertise. The interim manager is also a state of mind:

He is someone who likes to take on new challenges in his professional life, who is able to mobilize very quickly, who is able to communicate, to get in touch with teams, who is able to mobilize effectively and quickly.

He is someone who is able to keep the stress that affects him at bay and who can have a good sense of humor.

In your opinion, is a sense of humor important in a mission?

Yes. This is important because we usually arrive in a context of stress. In a context in which we have teams that are disoriented, sometimes dumbfounded.

In particular, when we are in a crisis context and the sense of humor does not allow us to undergo the circumstances, but to show that we are in charge. To show that we do not let ourselves be overwhelmed, but that we do indeed try to cope.

And then it’s mobilizing the sense of humor. It helps to create a team spirit around a project.

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