Reference Director of Social Relations

Assisting the Social Relations Department in the management of two strategic projects for a large group: the acquisition of an insurance company, and the development of a strategic partnership on the provident fund.

1. For the acquisition project:

  • Supporting operational HR on social issues (collective agreements, negotiations, etc.)
  • Preparing and organizing the CSE bodies
  • Coordinate the Payroll and Training takeover project in the short term
  • Study the convergence of social statuses
  • Report to the HRD, the RSD and his two deputies, as well as to the Deputy DG

2. For the Strategic Partnership Project:

  • Conducting studies on the different scenarios for the evolution of the strategic partnership, from a social and legal point of view
  • Support the HRD, the DRS and its deputies on the various actions to be taken
  • Participate in social dialogue

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