Our CSR Directors help you achieve your goals

MOMEN‘s CSR Directors , available within 48 hours, are involved in transitional missions to respond to your problems in terms of social and environmental commitment.

What can a CSR Director do in practice?

Whether you are at the very beginning of your CSR strategy or already anchored in a strong policy, we will accompany you to achieve your goals.

Our CSR Directors can intervene, for example, to replace a CSR manager to provide interim management (Interim management function following departure on mobility, maternity leave, training, etc.).

We can also conduct an audit of your CSR policy and propose an improvement plan, or define a strategy and lead the CSR transformation program

More specifically, our interim managers specialised in CSR will assist you in :

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Director of Rse1

Today, depending on the sector, it is essential to think about the impact of the company’s activity on the environment or on society in the broadest sense. Acting for sustainable development, better managing our waste, our energy consumption, we do it in our daily lives, why not in our companies?

The CSR approach, based on the ISO 26000 standard, helps companies to reduce their environmental impact, but not only. We have moved from a logic of compensation to a logic of “doing things differently” by integrating the CSR dimension into the production process. The economic pillar must now be fully integrated into the long-term thinking. A successful CSR policy optimizes the 3 Ps: People, Planet, Profit!

Are you looking for an interim manager?

Why call on MOMEN for your CSR policy?


First of all, we propose the immediate intervention of a CSR Director:

In addition, our managers have the human qualities that are essential for successfully transforming a company and carrying out the CSR process: positive teaching, communication, ability to convince, lead and unite teams. And above all, a tireless desire to promote the subject of CSR, a tremendous amount of energy!

Finally, calling on MOMEN also means relying on a committed firm itself! We are a member of the Global Compact (United Nations) and the Diversity Charter. We have embedded strong principles on our governance and our stakeholders (customers, suppliers and partners) based on transparency (accountability), consideration andcommitment .

Are you looking for an interim manager?
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